White Marble Countertop Slab

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Marble has been the go-to premium surfacing material for centuries. It’s the perfect agent for adding sophistication and elegance to just about any room in any house. Some of the most popular white marble countertop slab options include Carrara, calacatta and statuario. There are certainly similarities between all three types, but learning to identify each can make your natural stone slab shopping experience a little easier.

Carrara is typically a very light shade of gray with few large veins and much finer, almost feather-like patterns. Calacatta is usually whiter than it is gray, but has more substantial veining, and often times, there are undertones of brown or gold. Statuario is the most highly prized type of white marble. It features very distinctive veining that can range in color from darker grays to gold.

The best way to fully understand the difference between these three types of white marble is to see them for yourself. If you head to the most reputable and well-stocked natural stone supplier, you’ll be able to peruse countless pieces in the comfort of a fifty-thousand square foot, fully air-conditioned warehouse. You might just find something that strikes your fancy!
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White marble countertop slab is a truly breathtaking option for those looking to upgrade surfaces in their homes. Commonly used for countertops and flooring, white marble provides an incredible sense of luxury and opulence that other building materials simply can’t match.

Types of White Marble

The most commonly sought after types of white marble are Carrara, calacatta and statuario. While similar in composition, there are certainly differences that make them easily identifiable, the most notable of which are the amount and density of the veining present in each slab as well as the overall color of the lightest portions.


When most people are looking for white marble slab, they intend to use it as a countertop, walls or flooring. Many people don’t realize that white marble is the perfect way to tie in design aspects from other rooms. Consider its use for living room end tables or bathroom vanities. White marble can be a great way to create an incredible mantle for the fireplace. Each provides homeowners with an ideal way to create a sense of unity to the overall interior design.
If you’re looking for a way to improve the look of your home with a long lasting and natural premium surfacing material, there’s no better choice than stunning white marble. Take a trip to a well-stocked stone warehouse in your area to see some of the incredible choices available.